Oil & Water

In the past couple of months I have found myself in a happy place. A  sense of feeling inspired, appreciated and recognised for everything I love to do. 
I am surrounded by the most creative, fantastic and talented minds to such an extent that possibilities seem so naturally obvious - how exciting? 

Over this past weekend, some of my dear friends were performing in an art show - think dance fusion meets digital art meets open gallery space - the theme was Oil and Water. 
What an experience! Words cannot justify how amazing it was. 
Naturally I wanted to dress for the occasion (or I just wanted an excuse to take this beaut of a kimono for a spin!)

When it comes to my style, it is all about detail and finding the perfect accents to finish a look. Whether I am wearing all black or a combination of colours I always rely on varying textures, subtle details, and emphasis on accessories. I always say (some would argue?!) that there is no such thing as too much! Why not - it's fun! 

This masterpiece of a kimono is the latest addition to my wardrobe and I ADORE it. A statement piece that can be worn over distressed jeans or a ball gown alike to add romance, drama and effortless layering to your look. As I said - I am in LOVE! 

They say that energy feeds more energy, I feel that creativity offsets even more creativity. The type that is boundless, exciting and riveting. With that being said I am excited for what is to come! 


Kimono - H&M, similar here
Choker - Pretty Little Thing, similar here and here 
Camisole - Zara 
Belt - Vintage 
Bag - Vintage Chanel, similar here 
Boots - TK Maxx, similar here and here 

Photos by Angel Hart (insta @_angel_hart)



So I promised it would be an age between posts and I hope I am in someway keeping true to my word! 

This outfit was another of my London Fashion Week rigouts! Lots of layers, varying textures, key accessories and a statement jacket - all in all, very ME! 

The jacket is what I loved most about the outfit. So as mentioned previously, myself and my partner in crime, Tobi Balogun, have come together to establish the brand SELFMADE. We are a brand that brings you fresh reworked vintage designs and unique concept clothing. 

At the moment, to kick things off, we are focusing on developing our signature reworked vintage denim jackets - as seen here on yours truly. The one I have on here is a very special piece, an experiment that went completely right and then some!!! 

Our friend and all-round lovely person, Julia Nowotka (instagram: yourstrulyjulia) hand-painted this image onto the back panel of my jacket. Yes, hand-painted - amazing right? 

For us the name SELFMADE personifies what we, both individually and together, want to achieve in every way creative that we are capable of doing. It is about being true to one's self, pushing your ideas, following your passions and chasing your dreams. Yes, we hold down regular 9-5 day jobs but that doesn't for one second stunt or limit our ambitions or our willingness to show the world what we are about. We are about embracing the SELF and being the best versions of ourselves that we can be. In doing so, we want to collaborate with other like-minded creatives, because that is when the magic truly happens! This jacket is proof of that, and really a little taster of what can be achieved - EXCITING!

So on that note, feel free to find us on Facebook, on instagram @selfmadeclo, or visit our website :) 

Hand-Painted Vintage Jacket - SELFMADECollar - Cushlow & Cole Arnotts Department Store  Bag - Vintage ChanelBoots - Folkster

Photos by Tobi Balogun (@tobi_specs) 

Like an Eagle, Just Soar!


What a week! I've just returned from London after an amazing three day adventure experiencing my first Fashion Week! 

Aaaand rewind!!! So I know it has been a while since I posted  - as in October - and a lot has happened since then. I started a new job, moved into a new apartment, and joined forces with my partner in crime to establish our own brand! So there you have it, long story short. 

Cut to present day and our brand, SELFMADE, is the reason why we had a few short but fantastic days in London town. YAY! 

More on SELFMADE in a later post...I promise! 

For now though, a quick outfit post of one of my LFW rigouts. Man it felt good to get out of my everyday uniform of various black ensembles, so good that I decided to do a complete one eighty and don the cream and topped it off with an own brand SELFMADE jacket. 
Lots of people watching, sneaky Instagramming, trend spotting, and coffee drinking - twas a good day! 

A lil streetstyle snap captured by @victorgraphy.co 

Golden Eagle Jacket - SELFMADE
Shearling Collar - Folkster 
Culottes - Topshop (similar here and here)
Belt - Vintage (Thanks Mom!) 

Photos by Tobi Balogun @tobi_specs

The Lust List: Python Boots

I'm lusting so hard after the shoe, or should I say, boot, of the season.
The Python Boot! 
Sassy, statement-making and utterly slick - I'm obsessed! 

With Gucci and Chloe showcasing jaw-droppingly gorgeous styles of the Python Boot, the high street has been very quick to respond with some equally glorious styles at, ahem, a more affordable price range. 

Whether you go all out with a knee-high boot, or play it a little safer with an ankle boot option or a loafer, the python boot definitely adds that right amount of pzazz to brighten up any dull autumn outfit. 
So many shapes, styles and colour ways, I love how fun it is to style new outfits around footwear, especially when your booties really stand out in a crowd! 

Here's my high-street edit on the Python Boot - happy lusting! 

1. Asos  
2. Schuh
3. Office

Black and White

This week was something of a busy one but nevertheless very exciting! 
From interviews to project planning, I was running from one thing to the next but all in the name of progress. 

Speaking of interviews, I wore this rigout to a second-round meeting, which proved to be a very successful one. 
I am so grateful, thrilled and super excited to say that I scored the job! 

The position is one that couples my love of fashion with my flair for business and marketing. 
A little over a year ago before embarking on my Masters in Marketing, my ambition was to find my place in the world of fashion marketing. I knew it wouldn't be easy, hell I didn't even know it was possible! But here we are and I am delighted that all of my experience, education and grafting over the past number have years have aligned to make this new role a fitting one for me! 

Interview dressing can be tricky. Dare I say, stressful! 
If you're like me and the thoughts of a pants suit or proper workwear makes you nauseous, you have to approach this subject from a different angle. 
It is important to remember three things - dress appropriately, be yourself and show some personality, and be comfortable. Each one is self-explanatory I think? 

My dress code was: fashion forward, impeccable grooming. 
I opted for a clean and smart monochrome colour scheme (appropriate - tick!), a touch of laid back bohemian goodness in my cape (be yourself - tick!), and indeed the outfit was super comfortable. 

Now on to the next phase - planning my working wardrobe...
Challenge accepted! 

Velvet Cape with leather detailing - Zara
Blouse (worn underneath) - Zara 
Leather Culottes - Zara
Mules - Zara (old season, similar here
Bag - Vintage Chanel 

Photos by Tobi Balogun, Instagram @tobi_specs 


It's been a little too long since my last post, nevermind the last time I actually got to go out and shoot! So happy that I finally got around to it, and I'm feeling more enthusiastic about blogging again - Yay!
I took a little trip to the sea front in Clontarf (Dublin), which is so beautiful, and it just seemed like the right place to take some shots. 

The past few weeks have been a bit strange and out of the ordinary for me for many different reasons. As such, I have been really focusing on living life to the full, and improving on every aspect of everyday. From career planning to exercising, from rejuvenating stifled passions to embarking upon new and exciting adventures, and from enjoying the simple things to leading a happy day everyday, the last few weeks have really brought a new perspective for me. 

For the past four years (at least!) I've always been a 'go, go, go!' type person. Not one to take an extended break or much downtime. That is until now. Haven taking a month off to rest, to relax, to reassess and to rejuvenate, I can see now how time really is a healer, and I am feeling much the better of it! 

On that note, I am looking forward to what is in store with enthusiasm, anticipation, excitement and an open mind. Life is for living, as the saying goes - I hear that! 


Vintage Kimono - Shutterbug Vintage
Shearling Collar - Folkster  
Bralet - Folkster (similar here and here
Leather look pants - Zara 
Boots - Asos (similar here)

Photos by Tobi Balogun (Instagram @tobi_specs)

Summer Daze

Today was one of those rare occasions whereby the summer decided to grace Ireland with its presence, and what a day it was! 

Needless to say it was the first day of the summer I've donned a pair of shorts, and my milky pale pins got a chance glow in the glorious sunshine! 

I realise that it has been quite some time since I last posted - my Masters studies have taken over my summer to say the least. But alas, I am almost there! My final group thesis was submitted yesterday and all that remains is our corresponding presentation, which takes place next week. I can smell the freedom! 

Then, it is on to the next chapter! What that is or where that will be still remains to be seen but I do know that I am excited for change and intrigued by new adventures. 

Alas, I'll relish in the goodness of days like today, worry free days to take the time to relax and basque in the wonder of the summer sun. 

Kimono, Belt and Vintage Levi's Cut-Offs - Shutterbug Vintage 
Fringe Sake Boots - Folkster
Vanessa Mooney Pendat - Folkster (similar here)
Top - River Island (a bazillion years ago!)

In Style: Shabby Chic

(Images via Pinterest

When it comes to injecting personality, cosiness and a sense of homeliness to your home, there are a few ways to go about it! 

Shabby Chic in it's true sense, for me, represents mismatched furniture and embellishments, varied textures and subtly clashing patterns, resulting in the creation of a lived-in homely environment. 

Over the past few years, the term has been loosely thrown around resulting in floral pattern overload!!! Don't get me wrong, I love floral, no better woman to overdose on floral loveliness, but knowing when to say enough is enough is vital when it comes to interior styling! 
Remember you're not an 8 year old wannabe princess anymore ;) 

So, how do you nail the shabby chic look without going overboard? 

Three tips for updating your home and achieving the right dose of downtrodden glamour: 

1. Mix and match, reuse and recycle - seeking out vintage gems from old luggage trunks to disregarded wooden shutters, arrange these oddments so that they provide functional value while looking slightly distressed! Trunks make for fantastic storage units, wooden crates can create any masterpiece from a coffee table to a bed base, vintage tea boxes are great display cabinets, and odd photo frames really tell a story when scattered and arranged around the house! 

2. Textures galore - Nothing preaches cosiness than a mixture of textures in a room. Oodles of cushions, an arrangement of rugs and throws, clashing patterns, a dash of sheepskin - and we're done! 

3. A touch of floral - So I've condemned floral overload but adding just the right amount of floral will perfect the vibe. Fresh flowers dotted about in mismatched vases, a cushion or two bearing a quaint floral pattern, or a bed throw with a ditsy floral print on a neutral bed spread mixed with textures and a whole lot of cushions adds juuuust the right amount of floral loveliness! 

So where do you find all these bits and pieces you ask? Vintage stores, car boot sales, charity shops, furniture clearance outlets, your granny's attic, your own attic, junk yards, flea markets...pretty much everywhere! Cheap and cheerful this won't break the bank but will look effortlessly fantastic and be oh so cosy! 

A Bridal Affair: What to Wear in Your Hair?

(Images via Pinterest)

You've scored your dress - WIN! Now to decide on the cherry on top.

To wear a veil or not to wear a veil - that is the question? 

Traditionally, the wearing of a veil was a right of passage when taking the trip down the aisle. Now, however, traditions are being creatively re-evaluated to suit personal style and tastes. It is a completely personal decision as to opt for a voluptuous veil or an alternative head piece. 

Similar to the choosing-the-dress experience, deciding on your headwear can be quite the daunting task. Are there too many chiefs telling you what you should choose, or what you should wear? Do you need to 'borrow' Great Great Granny's Juliet Cap veil? Or is your main concern that what you want to do will work in tandem with your dress? 

It is so much more than simply adding an accessory to the outfit - why does the veil (or lack of) warrant so much attention? 

In my eyes, go big or go home - not in the sense of the size and length of a veil - in relation to what you want your head wear to say about you, your wedding, your style and your day?

If you're having a beach wedding or a garden party and you dream of nothing but wearing fresh daisies in your hair - go for it! There is no rule to say you can't! 
Equally if you decide on a church wedding or a civil ceremony in City Hall, fresh flowers are more than welcome as is an embellished headpiece or cathedral length veil. 
The choice is YOURS! 

Stick with what you like, choose what will be comfortable for you, ensure that your headwear compliments your AMAZING gown, be creative and be brave! 

For umpteen amounts of endless inspo, Pinterest is your one stop shop! I've rounded up some of my favourites - would love to know what your take on 'the veil' is! 

Boohoo Spring Summer 15

Styled by Sinéad: The Pinstripe Coat

(Coat: Asos; Denim Shirt: Penneys/Primark; Culottes: River Island; Mesh Heels: Folkster; Bag: Vintage Chanel) 

I attended the Boohoo.com Spring Summer 2015 Press Preview this week in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin, and what a lovely evening it was! 

Live DJ, yummy nibbles and drinks, and a whole lot of brand new styles, you could say I was in my element! 

So many gorgeous colours, amazing patterns, fantastic range and really good quality pieces arriving on the site in the coming weeks, the beckoning summer is certainly on the way! 

The true boho at heart, the new 70s inspired bohemian range is to die for. Suedes, fringe, tribal pattern designs, denim accents and so much more, I can't wait to pick up a couple of pieces. 

The Boohoo sportswear lines are fantastic too, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good the quality is yet the designs are innovative, daring and downright awesome! 

I've done a quick round up of my top picks for the season, cannot wait for them to land online! 

Accessory Hero: The Cross Body Bag

Styled by Sinéad - The Cross Body Bag

(Photo by Sarah Orr; Outfit: Fedora and Cape - Folkster.com, Dungarees - Zara, Bag - Vintage Chanel)

(Images via Pinterest

Lusting, drooling, dreaming of all the beauts above made me realise how intrinsic a good cross body bag is to your wardrobe! 
Small and dainty yet juuuust the right size to hold all of your everyday essentials (as opposed to hauling around the kitchen sink!)

Ok, so my dream round up may be a little above budget at the moment, but a girl can hope right? 

My advice if and when you decide to invest (note my assurance - they will be mine!), I say go big or go home! 
Not in the sense of size but more so in the sense of choosing the right one for you in the pattern, colour, shape and texture you looooove! 
That pony hair Chloe Drew bag or the YSL Python Tassle bag - just too much - I adore <3 

These pretty little things last a lifetime so you want to feel that sense of excitement every time you wear yours! 

Now to check the piggy bank...! Happy lusting! 

A Bridal Affair: The Dress

(Images via Pinterest

Since diving into the world of bridal styling I can truly say that I love everything about weddings! 

Meeting so many new people, hearing about their unique and individual plans for the Big Day, learning about the small intricate details from the floral arranging to the music festival reception - it's all very exciting! 

What I love the most is the whimsical nature, the romanticism and the magic surrounding the occasion. It surely is a day for a bride to feel like her childhood fairytale dreams can become a reality. 

Even more interesting is how varied the format of the wedding day has become. From New York City getaway weddings for just the bride and groom to garden tea parties in Dublin's Phoenix Park, I've come across the ultimate amazing, fun and adventurous wedding ideas! 

Yet one thing remains the same as the utmost important element for the bride, no matter how lavish or casual, big or small the wedding day is to be, the DRESS must be perfect! 

Finding the dress is certainly no easy feat either! Goodness knows the range of choice is endless. Each dress more fantastic than the one before. So how does one choose? 

Here is a little list of tips and tricks to help you choose the right dress for you: 

1. Choose your team: When it comes to bridal appointments, the experience can be quite full on, sometimes intimidating, most times fun, and a full day of appointments will have you feeling like you've run the mini marathon! Dress shopping is a marathon in itself so be sure to have the right people with you. My advice, stick to three - you and two trusted others. Be they your mum, your aunt, your sister, your maid of honour - that is completely your choice! Once they know your style, are open and honest, and up for a few laughs along the way, that's a big accomplishment in itself! 

2. Come Prepared: When attending you appointments and fittings, you need to be prepared for whatever is thrown at you (literally!) Be sure to wear the right undies. A good strapless bra, your best panties, shape wear if you feel you need it - and always go for nude. Not only will you feel good stepping into the array of gorgeous dresses, you will look amazing once you see them on! Seems simple right? Trust me when I say a little preparation goes a long way. 

3. Be open to options: I always ask the bride-to-be if she has a particular style in mind. The answer is simply divided - half say yes and the other half no! It is hugely important for me to listen in order to gauge the brides personal style, not just what she wants or doesn't want in a dress. You want to look and feel amazing. You want to be comfortable all day long. You want to eat freely, dance like crazy, meet and greet all your wonderful guests on the day. You want all eyes on you. You want to feel demure, elegant yet subtly sexy. Am I right? The best advice I can give is to explore all your options. Even the styles furthest from your imagination can often times win you over, making you the goddess you instinctively know you are. 

4. Enjoy it: Make the experience a memorable one, for all the right reasons. Have fun, laugh at lot, drink champagne, make fun of yourself in the mirror, giggle over seating arrangements and take it all in your stride. If you relax, embrace and enjoy, the whole wedding experience will be ultimately rewarding and brilliant!

Each and every one of us has our own style and taste when it comes to the dress. Add a splash of sparkle, embrace a pop of colour, dare to wear flowers in your hair or don a luxurious cape over your dress!  Be brave, be bold, be beautiful. 

Try something new and take a little risk. Be inventive, be creative and be true to you. Most importantly, embrace the magic! 

The Lust List: Culottes

The latest item on my Lust List are culottes! 
Culottes are most definitely on the comeback and boy are they making a statement! 

So lustworthy that I have invested in not one, not two, but perhaps FIVE pairs (give or take?!) 
At this stage they're an everyday staple in my wardrobe. 

So many colours, textures and designs available it's no wonder that the temptation is almost irresistible. 

A good pair of culottes will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, work with items you already have, take you from day to night in a matter of seconds, feel comfortable but look so darn flattering - have I missed anything? 

Sold yet?

Culottes are set to continue their reign into spring summer and rightly so, that's what I say! 

For tips and tricks on how to style yours, check out the inspo images above and over on my Pinterest


Styled by Sinéad: Dungarees

 Photo by Sara Orr

Images via Pinterest

Not for the faint hearted, the dungarees is one of those hate-to-love/love-to-hate pieces.
Personally, I'm a fan! 

A one-piece wonder that can be dressed up or down whatever the occasion is a win-win in my wardrobe! 

Not convinced? Look to Pinterest for oodles of dungarees-wearing inspo - you won't be disappointed.

I have worn my trusty denim pair over and over. For work, to photo shoots, to festivals, to dance practice, to after-work drinks - you name it! 

I've styled mine above with a simple black crop underneath, my treasured tattoo cape, a fedora and simple sandals - fit for any day-to-night occasion that may arise. 

With all sorts of dungarees available, I'm currently lusting after a leather pair, and so the hunt begins...!

Like it or love it, the dungarees have won a place in the heart of fashions elite. The images above are just a teaser of how to WERK yours! 

Dungarees - Zara (similar here)
Fedora - Folkster
Tattoo Cape - Folkster (similar here)
Sandals - American Apparel
Bag - Vintage Chanel

In Style: Rustic View

(Images via Pinterest) 

Generally speaking, I a huge fan of colour, anything floral and pattern clashes galore. 
At the moment, however, I'm opting for a more tonal palette, a little subdued and neutral shades. 

What better way to incorporate this colour scheme than in the home. 
Simple, bright painted walls, layers of texture embellished with random odds and ends make for a cosy, interesting and rustic theme. 

Without going to the ends of the earth to invest in an interiors overhaul, adding small simple touches can work volumes for refreshing any room in the house. 

Sheepskin rugs, cosy cushions, an assortment of random photo frames, a vintage clock, some old battered travel trunks, and old wooden shipping crates can work wonders in creating that rustic vibe (and are all sorts of functional too!)

For the best finds, flea markets, junk yards, vintage shops, online (hey Etsy!), and indeed good old Ikea are your go-to's and won't break the bank either! 

For endless inspo pics, get over to Pinterest - you won't be disappointed! 

Styled by Sinéad: A Bridal Affair

I am so excited to share with you all the fruits of an amazing shoot that I worked on just a few weeks ago! 

With Folkster launching its new styling studio above its Temple Bar store here in Dublin, and with the arrival of incredibly beautiful new bridal gowns, this shoot captured the essence of the Folkster bride - and how fantastic are the final images? 

The beautiful Mary-Kate is breathtakingly serene, seductive and downright beautiful in these final shots by the very talented Anouska Proetta Brandon. 
I get a lil' shiver when I see them still! 

With the styling studio having launched over a fortnight now, thus far the experience has been so very fun with such lovely customers! And getting to work in a great styling space with the most spectacular dresses doesn't hurt either?! 

Folkster is the exclusive Irish stockist of Theia Couture by Irish designer, Don O'Neill, whose dresses are just...*SWOON*
Tarik Ediz is the second designer carried by Folkster, with beautifully embellished designs that dreams are made of! 

Needless to say the wedding dresses have me besotted! Furthermore it is so lovely to be a part of a brides big day, in helping her choose her perfect gown! The tears and the champagne do ensue and the experience is really beautiful. 

The above photos host just a selection of the gowns currently in store, and there are appointments available by contacting bridal@folkster.com! 

Model: Mary-Kate Lanigan @1stOptions
Photographer: Anouska Proetta Brandon
Stylist: Sinéad Kelly 
Shot on location at Folkster Dublin. 

Starting Afresh

(images via Pinterest)

A new year beckons, and in an indirect way signifies a fresh start, a chance to embrace change, and a time to focus on the new experiences and opportunities that lie ahead.

I'm taking the new year to reflect on all that is good in my life right now, all of which I am so undeniably grateful for!

For 2015 I want to be inspired, I want to learn, I want to grow.
I am about to embark on the second part of my Master degree, alongside working two jobs part time and I am ready for what is coming my way!

I have made some small resolutions that I hope to incorporate into my daily routine, that I know if I can keep the, consistent these small changes will have tumultuous rewards!

I am excited, I am eager, I am ready for the adventures! Above all I am grateful for all that I already have and all that is to come.

Happy New Year!


The Lust List: DylanLex

(All images via Pinterest and Instagram - to follow DylanLex @dylanlex)

There is nothing I love more than having that one whopper, statement-making element that proves to be the cherry on top of a really good outfit! 

Needless to say, when I discovered the incredible jewellery designs by DylanLex a few months back, my heart skipped a beat (no exaggeration!)

An  LA based jewellery designer, Drew Ginsberg is the creative mastermind behind the DylanLex line. 
Heavily embellished, rhinestone encrusted, layered up amazingness are just a few ways I can describe the stacked statement neck pieces. 

Nothing short of amazing! And that is why these babies make it onto the Lust List! 

An array of neck pieces, a host of spectacular ring designs, the collections embody the epitome of grunge glam! It doesn't hurt that the lady herself has an enviable wardrobe and a distinctive knack in the styling department. 
Take a look at her Instagram pics (@dylanlex) for your daily source of inspo (caution, addiction may ensue!) 

Although a DylanLex creation won't be making an appearance in my Christmas stocking this year, I'll  keep on dreaming! 
And to get me through the party season, I've rounded up a few DylanLex-inspired pieces that will work a treat: 

Parfois, €34.99 >> here
Xevana Bastille, €184 >> here
Asos, €52 >> here

*For the full DylanLex range, check out www.dylanlex.com 

Accessory Hero: The Thigh High Boot

Styled By Sinéad: The Thigh High Boot

(Photos by Sarah Orr)

Over the Knee Boot

Thigh high and loving it! 

Legs for days - that's what we all want right?
Behold the answer to all your dreams of having pins that rival the ole supermodel brigade - 
thigh high boots!

The most flattering of winter boots, if you can get them right.
So easy to carry off on an everyday basis once the following ideals are adhered to:

1. Choose boots that have a soft finish like suede or velvet, or even a matte leather
2. A chunky heel, platform or flat sole works for casually yet has that touch of sophistication
3. Don't be afraid, they're only boots - rock em loud and proud!

Note - avoid patent or shiny leather, buckle overload and skyscraper heel height...you know why?!

The thigh high boot has been a winter staple of mine for a couple of seasons now.
 Last year, I managed to score the perfect pair - comfortable, flattering and super versatile. 
I'm talking about my darling Miista Emi boots! 

A sure investment, I haven't come across another boot that rivals the cut and comfort of the Emi. Reproduced and rejuvenated every season, there's nothing better than a good ole reliable. 

Trust me, you won't go wrong with this one! 

A Kimono Love Affair

Styled by Sinéad: The Kimono

 (Photos by Sarah Orr)

(Images via Pinterest)

Imagine for a second that you've had a dream come true. 
Now imagined that your dream-turned-reality can get better.
And better.
And even better! 

This is the only way I can describe my love for the adorned kimono.
Okay, it may sound a bit hyperbolic, but I'm trying to encapsulate and convey the pride of place the kimono, or in my case, kimonos plural, have in my closet! 

The kimono is that one amazingly versatile pieces that you're wardrobe will thank you for. 
Suitable for any event (I mean it!), the kimono will take you to a formal ball over a gown, it will take you up the aisle as a bohemian bride, it will take you to a summer music festival, and itwill equally take you to the beach over your favourite bikini. 

A piece for any season, wear your kimono in the summer as a light throw over any outfit,
 and add oodles of accessories. 
Come winter time, aka, right here right now, pop on a shearling or fur collar that will transform your kimono into a winter jacket, top it off with a fedora and you're done! 

The most amazing beauty of the kimono is the range of variety out there. 
Every colour, every shade, every texture - whatever you dream of and So. Much. More.
I currently have about 7 in my collection, and I look to them as investments. 
Each one so different from the other, yet each so special in their own right. 

A true love affair, a good kimono goes a long way! 

(Some kimono inspo here, here, and here!)